We help entrepreneurs build products from scratch with support and advisory from our incubation team. We provide seed investment, build initial products, test the market and leverage our corporate partners to launch those products as viable businesses. We work closely with our entrepreneurs to take their idea to the next level and secure a series A investment.


Deep Learning     Blockchain     Augmented Reality     Context Computing

Deep Learning

With massive amounts of computational power, machines can now effectively uncover underlying structure in data, as well as, recognize objects and translate speech in real-time. Deep learning, a new discipline in AI and machine learning, uses neural network models that automate the learning of data representations and features. It achieves things we never previously thought possible in areas such as conversational intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision and IoT.



We will see a big new wave of innovation around application of blockchain and peer-to-peer network computing using the bitcoin code base. The decentralized, peer-to-peer, ledger based blockchain platform makes transactions safe and reliable even when the parties doing them don't trust each other and has significant advantages when it comes to infrastructure expense and scalability. It can also provide a new economic incentivization schema enforced by network protocol. Combine it with artificial intelligence,it will pave the way for innovation applications in areas of financial services, smart contacts, security, IoT and more.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality merges the real and digital worlds by superimposing virtual information onto everyday objects in environmental real-time. AR technology aims to blur the line between virtual presence and real existence. It has potential applications in numerous areas, including medicine, navigation, gaming, entertainment, education and the military. Augmented reality is a new user experience that traverses space and time where the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable.


Context Computing

Context computing anticipates user needs by leveraging real-time data streams on people, places and things with the corpus of historical data to proactively offer better customer experiences. Context computing uses "in the moment" data corresponding to the current user situation such as actions, behavior, emotion, location, etc. as well as user intent to make better predictions. Context aware computing is receiving increased attention in social media and advertising, mobile and wearable devices, and also the enterprise.


Healthcare     Finance     Legal & Compliance     Energy


Our Artificial Intelligence platform is disrupting healthcare to improve quality care, lower the cost of care and identify the gaps in care for payer & providers.



Trading Algorithms, GRC, Underwriting, Fixed Income & Securities


Legal and Compliance

Automatic legal text classification & summarization and computational models for evidential, legal and legislative reasoning

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